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Week of March 4, 2018
Date posted: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

In your daily devotions this week pray for the Province of the Congo; the ministry of College Chaplains, the ministry of Diocesan Attorney and Diocesan Staff; and Jams Hargrove, Dean Henry, Lois Schembs, and Georgia Cohen, priests of our diocese.

The Sanctuary Candle is given to the greater glory of God and in loving memory of Mary Stone, mother of Susan O'Brien; and Louis Odor, father of Rose Johnston.

Episcopal Relief & Development Weekend is a special opportunity to live out the promises made in our Baptismal Covenant by demonstrating our commitment to care for people who are hungry, sick or living in extreme poverty. Today, we will remember in prayer those who live in poverty around the world. We also invite you to support God's mission to heal a hurting world through Episcopal Relief & Development by mailing in a gift using the response form included on today's bulletin insert. Your participation is a simple way to help convey Jesus' love for our global neighbors. Together, we are making a vital difference for families and communities worldwide.

Educate a child at the grocery store: St. Peter's IOT offers both ShopRite and Acme cards for sale in denominations of $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00. You pay nothing extra for the cards, which never expire and can be used to the last penny. Every $50.00 you spend on our cards covers the cost of two full days of school, uniform and books included, for a student at Redemption School who otherwise might never be able to afford to go to school. Please help.

S.O.A.R. Meeting - S.O.A.R. meeting coming on Tuesday March 13th. Join us at 1PM to listen to Richard Lechner, manager Lechner Funeral Home, for information about planning a funeral, either your own or for a loved one. Something nobody wants to think about but something that will have to be done, hopefully in many years to come. Things you can do now in preparation for when the time comes. See you there!

The Sunday School has been asked to sponsor a basket for the Designer Bag Bingo on March 9th. Our theme is Family Fun Night so we are asking for donations of new, family friendly DVD's, board games, card games, movie size candy, popcorn and other snack food or movie theater gift cards. Please place these in the container in the Narthex labeled Sunday School basket by Sunday, March 5th. Thank you.

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