Saint Peter's Episcopal Church
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Week of October 29, 2017
Date posted: Fri, Oct 27th, 2017

In your daily devotions this week pray for the Church in Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli, South India; All Saints' Church in Bay Head, Lakewood, Navesink, Princeton and Scotch Plains; the ministry of Christian Educators; the ministry of the Diocesan Intake Officer; the members and ministry of the Anti-Racism Commission; Joe Morris Doss, retired bishop of our diocese; William Stokes, bishop of our diocese; Victoria Cuff, Kathleen DeJohn, Louis DeSheplo, Margaret Forsythe, Peter Funk, John Hain, Sr., Leslie Mazzacano, Margaret Smyth and Colleen Spaeth, deacons of our diocese; and Alan Salmon, Walton Zelley, Jr., Ronald Albury, Jonathan Deacon, Charles DuBois, Donald Griesmann, David Laquintano, John Morrow, Frank Strasburger William Rauscher, and Edwin Sumner, Jr. priests of our diocese.

The Flowers on the Altar are given to the greater glory of God and in loving memory of Geoffrey Hedden, husband of Ruth Hedden; Agnes Ragsdale Lusk, mother of Dave Lusk; Bill Pencoski, husband of Diane Pencoski; and Barry Croll, Sr., father of Barry Croll, Jr.

October Food Drive - Suggested donations for October include beef stew, ravioli, chili, tuna and other canned meat and vegetables. As always, other items are also welcome. Thank you very much for your continued support of our food drive for the people served by the Christian Caring Center.

Stock up your pantry for fall using ShopRite Cards. Cards are available in the narthex following every service and come in denominations of $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00. Cards never expire and every penny can be used until the card is used up. St. Peter's earns 5% of the total value of every card sold. The sale of ShopRite cards is presently our main fundraiser for Redemption School.
Please help.

S.O.A.R. will be meeting on Tuesday November 14th at 1PM. The Rev. Jayne Oasin will be speaking about Aging; doing it cheerfully and with grace. All interested persons are welcome, no registration.

Please bring in new 2018 calendars, unused Christmas cards and unused Greeting cards for us to package for the Evergreens Nursing Home in Moorestown. Please package cards in separate rubberbands. A box in the narthex is available. Deadline is Dec. 3. We also need volunteers to help sort on December 4 at 1:00 am. Please contact the office if you can help.

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