Saint Peter's Episcopal Church
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Week of September 1, 2019
Date posted: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

In your daily devotions this week pray for the Province of the Episcopal  Church of South America; the ministry of Prison chaplains; the ministry of the Diocesan Staff; the members and ministry of the Trustees of the VanDuzer Scholarship Fund and the members and ministry of the Communications Committee; and Hugh Brown John Manola and John Sosnowski, priests of our diocese.


The Flowers on the Altar are given to the greater glory of God and in loving memory of David Norris, brother of Roger Norris.


September food drive - Suggested donations for September include pasta, pasta sauce, and scanned pasta (e.g., spaghetti, spaghetti-o’s, ravioli, lasagna).. As always, other items are also welcome. Thank you very much for your continued support of our food drive for the people served by the Christian Caring Center.


Blessing of the Backpacks September 8th and Teacher Commissioning at the 10:15 service.   All children and youth are encouraged to bring their school backpack to be blessed at the 10:15 service.  Many churches have begun the practice of “Blessing Backpacks” as a way to send our children off with prayers for a safe and successful year of learning.  We think it will be a very positive way for our children to know that the whole congregation stands with them as they go off to school this year, and a reminder that no matter what this year brings God is with them and so are we. Adults are also invited to bring their briefcases, diaper bags or whatever you use to carry your stuff around.  After all we could all use a blessing to get us through the new school year.  Tell your friends and invite them to bring their backpacks too!  At the same time we will commission the Sunday School staff for the 2019-2020 year.  As we do this we ask God’s blessing on their ministry of teaching and offer our support to the work they will do this year with our children and youth.


Name tags:  To help Reverend Valerie learn our names, please begin to wear your name tag.  Not only will she be able to learn our names, maybe you'll learn the name of another parishioner, too!  Name tags are hanging on the large board in the narthex.  If you do not have a name tag, please contact the office.  At the end of the service, please return your name tag to the basket on the floor in front of the board.  Thank you!


Parish Clean-Up Day Saturday 9/28/2019, Start time: 830am  Please come when you are able.  Many hands make light work!  Volunteers are needed to help weed flower beds and trim bushes.  Please bring work gloves, weeding and pruning hand tools, loppers, and rakes.  Additional volunteers are needed to help clear the North side of our property.  Please bring wheelbarrows, shovels, chainsaws, loppers and a can-do spirit!  To sign up or with additional questions, please contact John Colaianni, call or text 609.792.4055 or


Our Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Sunday, September 29th, following the 10:15 service.  During this meeting, one of the agenda items will be to vote for our new vestry members.  We are currently seeking nominations for our vestry.  Please see the insert in the bulletin for some common questions and answers in case you are not sure what a vestry is or what it does. Please consider nominating yourself or someone else for the vestry by calling the church office, talking with Reverend Valerie, or any of the current wardens or vestry members.


IOT members are selling Acme & ShopRite Cards valued at $20.00, $50.00 and $100.00 in the narthex after every service. Funds raised through card sales help pay faculty salaries and support other needs at Redemption School in Gonaives, Haiti. St. Peter’s International Outreach Team (IOT) thanks you for your continued (or new!) support of this effort.  


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