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September 30, 2022

Beloved in Christ,

And just like that, it’s October (or almost!). We have had big reminders that it is hurricane season.  Last week with Fiona and this week with Ian, we are very aware of the power of nature. Our prayers are with those in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Florida, South Carolina and other areas affected as they deal with damage and loss.  There is a prayer from the Diocese of Southern Florida:

O Almighty and Eternal God, you see us surrounded by so many dangers and challenges: grant in your infinite goodness the sure knowledge of your presence with us during this hurricane season. Give continued healing to those still suffering from past storms, wisdom to those who lead our communities, and a spirit of generosity to our neighbor where sacrifice is demanded of us. We ask this through Christ our Lord who is our constant help and protector, now and for evermore. Amen.

I am sure some are wondering "why God let this happen." That is a very narrow understanding of creation. We need the wind and rain to live and without it, life on earth could not be sustained.  And, like many things, a little is good and too much causes problems.  This is why I do not adhere to the philosophy that "everything happens for a reason" as it seeks who or what is to blame for our current circumstances.  The activity of blame does nothing but spin our wheels and help us get stuck in the past.  If someone or something bears responsibility, then they should be held accountable, but most of our energy needs to be used on the difficult work of continuing our journey, even if we have to take an unexpected or unwanted detour.

My heart hurts for those who have lost everything, and we should respond to our neighbors’ needs.  If you want to help in a tangible way, I continue to encourage you to give monetary gifts through Episcopal Relief and Development They already have a specific fund established to help victims of the recent hurricanes.

For the next five weeks, our worship will focus on Creation Care.  I hope the focus of the prayers offers us a renewed sense of our duty as good stewards of this fragile earth.  Most reputable scientists agree that humans have contributed to global warming, and we have not done enough to mitigate – or even reverse – the damage. I encourage you to consider taking on a practice this month to do something to help the environment. I am very aware of the amount of plastic I throw away each week that cannot be recycled. Even with the plastic bag ban, I still get plastic bags/containers from food and other packaging.  I’m looking for ways to decease that.  What can you do?

In Christ,
Rev. Valerie+

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