Learning and Prayer

Make me to know your ways, O Lord; teach me your paths. (Psalm 25:4)

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Sunday School

Sunday School for pre-K through high school confirmation runs September-May.  In the fall of 2020, our Sunday School will be held twice a month (possibly three times if the month has five Sundays), and families are encouraged to attend worship, at least during the weeks without a Sunday School class. We are able to meet in-person, adhering to COVID-19-safe protocols like masks and distancing.  Most classes are held at 9AM Sunday morning (ending by 10AM,when a worship service begins), although our Rite 13 meets later in the day and our J2A may vary their schedule. Our teachers are volunteers who are dedicated to imparting God's love to our children. We encourage all families to participate as much as possible! Let us know how we can support your child's Christian Formation.

For children ages 3-5, we use the Godly Play curriculum, a Montessori based program that helps children to wonder about themselves, God and the world in a way that is playful and meaningful.

For elementary school age, we use Weaving God’s Promises named after the process of faith formation in which we learn how God’s promises of salvation are inextricably woven into our lives.

For our teens, we use the Journey to Adulthood Program which is a six year curriculum including Rite 13, J2A and YAC. This is a complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation for 6th-12th grade. It uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries and both serious and playful activities to underscore its core principles. During J2A, the youth prepare for Confirmation.

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Youth Group

Destination Unknown

Not currently offered. Youth group is offered once per month for teens in Rite 13, J2A and YAC classes.  Using the "Destination Unknown" program, Rite 13 and J2A are taken to mystery locations to learn about the Word of God in a variety of locations.  You never know where they'll show up next! YAC youth will plan their own youth gatherings now that they are confirmed and Young Adults in the Church.

Adult Education

Adult education is offered at various times throughout the year, in a variety of formats led by lay or clergy, sometimes on Sunday mornings, sometimes during the week. Past courses have included Equipping the Saints, the Way of Love, and What Does It Mean To Be Episcopalian?

Offered at various times through the year

Bible Study

Recent Bible studies have been about Women of the Bible and the Psalms.  In October 2020, we will begin a new study, meeting via Zoom, on the story of our salvation, using the book The Path, available at Forward Movement: order here  

All are welcome and no previous knowledge of the Bible is required. Contact our office for more info and the link to sessions.

Special Seasonal Prayers

Morning/evening prayer in Advent and Lent.  M-F 9AM & 7PM in our chapel this Advent, Dec. 2-24.

Stations of the Cross in Lent

Vigil with Eucharist Maundy Thursday-Good Friday

Prayer vine

Request prayers for you, a family member or a friend

St. Peter’s Prayer Vine members pray daily for the healing and protection of all whose names are submitted to us. Names are kept on St. Peter’s Intercessory Prayer List for one month unless renewed. To request prayer for yourself or another, please list the name and need in the binder located in the narthex or contact the Parish Administrator (office@stpetersmedford.org / 609-654-2963). All prayer requests are confidential to the members of the Prayer Vine and clergy.


A Labyrinth is designed to allow us to walk a pilgrimage with Jesus by following a designated path from the outside to the inside of the design and then back out again. It represents the long journeys that people took from their homes in Medieval Europe to the Holy Land so that they could walk in the steps of Jesus. This was a long and sometimes dangerous journey. You are invited to walk our outdoor Labyrinth to meditate on whatever is on your heart and mind in order to find your way to Jesus and God.